Dual Use


Differences between Dual Users and Switchers Center around Vaping Behavior and Its Experiences Rather than Beliefs and Attitudes

Karolien Adriaens, Dinska Van Gucht, Frank Baeyens

To the extent that dual users substantially lower the number of cigarettes, they will reduce health risks from smoking. However, from a medical point of view, exclusive vaping is preferable to dual use;

Differences between dual users and switchers centre around variables proximal to the vaping behaviour and its experienced effects rather than hinging on more general vaping-related beliefs and attitudes.

After e-cig initiation, dual users decreased tobacco consumption by 82% and were low-to-moderately cigarette dependent.

The two groups (dual users and switchers) reported mostly using a flavour other than tobacco.


Perceived relative harm of using e-cigarettes predicts future product switching among US adult cigarette and e-cigarette dual users

Alexander Persoskie, Erin Keely O'Brien, Karl Poonai
Published online: 6 Jul 2019

Compared with those with other perceptions of e‐cigarette harm, dual users who perceived e‐cigarettes as less harmful than cigarettes were more likely to become exclusive e‐cigarette users 1 year later.

Vaping patterns, nicotine dependence and reasons for vaping among American Indian dual users of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes

Dorothy A Rhoades, Ashley L Comiford, Justin D Dvorak, Kai Ding, Michelle Hopkins, Paul Spicer, Theodore L Wagener, Mark P Doescher
Published online: 2 Sep 2019

…the ten-item Penn State Dependence Index (PSDI) suggested greater dependence on smoking than vaping

The most common reasons for vaping were to reduce smoking (79%), enjoyment of flavors (78%), and ability to vape where smoking is not allowed (73%). Perceptions of less harm to others (69%) or to self were the next most common (65%). Fewer than half used ECs to reduce stress, for affordability, or because others used them.