Gregg Rappoport

I was a heavy smoker of 2 packs a day for 24 years. Took up vaping in april 2014 and managed to quit immediately. The benefits to me incl better breathing, less headaches, improved energy and better taste and smell. Not to mention an extremely supportive community and loads of new friends made over the years. I will try to help and guide anyone i can to transition over to a far more beneficial way of harm reduction vs smoking. Vaping no doubt saves lives. This to me is the most important aspect. I would urge any smoker not to be scared or listen to any false claims on various social media platform’s and to seek professional advice from any of our supporting vendors as well as follow vaping saved my life on facebook. There is always someone to assist with all the tools to get you started and to give proper factual advice. Make that change and improve your health.