Rick Baas II

Like so many other youth my curiosity for smoking got the better of me at a young age. The claws of addiction were dug in deep by the age of 13, for many years I continued to smoke upwards of 2-3 packs a day until I was 18 years old.
Then one fateful day I discovered my new obsession, vaping. Almost overnight my coughing and shortness of breath cleared up. My clothes smelled cleaner, food tasted richer, smells smelled distinctive and not ashy.
With this new found health and energy I dove head first into the vape world. Buying any and all equipment I could get my hands on, sampling every juice option, loving all of it. Not only was I enjoy this new found hobby but my health continued to improve and slowly but surely I was able to lower my nicotine levels from 48 to 3 in just 1 year.
I continued to expand my knowledge as the industry grew and flourished through 2013-2017 until one day I found myself employed at a locally owned shop.
I have never once considered what I do now a “job”. Every day I come into “work” and I help other smokers find the same joy I found all those years ago. Anytime I see a customers face light up when they find that juice flavor that really does it for them, it reminds me of myself. Or when someone comes in and updates me on how long it has been since they last had a cigarette, and the pride they feel, reminds me of how great an accomplishment that is.
This is so much more than a business or an industry to so many of us, this is our passion, and we know we need to share it with as many currently addicted smokers as we can. Any adult should have access to this groundbreaking, world changing technology. This technology not only saved our lives, it became or lives.