Victoria Kretschmer

I was smoking about 20 cigarettes a day for many years. When I was with my family I was always relegated outdoors to smoke and always received many uncool comments from family members when I came back inside. Then in 2014, I was staying with my family and was frustrated with myself and my cigarette smoking. Before went home my son-in-law bought me a gift of my first vape device, saying ” Just try it, we love you and want you to live for many years. If you don’t like it you can go back to smoking. Try it for one month and if you don’t like it you can throw it away. I went home with a new determination and persisted. After one month, even though I was now enjoying vaping, I decided to try a cigarette. It tasted revolting and stank. I put it out and returned to vaping and after 6 years I have never tried to smoke again!
The best invention ever! I don’t cough and I’m not short of breath. Only now with the ban, I am fighting not to return to cigarettes. I think the ban is ridiculous and is forcing e-cigarette vapers to think of going back to tobacco cigarettes.