The Vaper’s Voice

Millions of ex-smokers have seen the benefits of switching to a safer alternative of nicotine delivery through the means of vaping. In South Africa, many ex-smokers have managed to quit smoking and escape the harm caused by combustible tobacco. Here are a few that have uploaded their testimonials.

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Yuri Zager

AGE: 38
I smoked for 15 years
Been vaping for 4 years
My favourite e-liquid flavour profile: Dessert
Testimonial Date: 03/07/2020

*Vaping has allowed me to quick smoking for years, it’s the only
alternative that has worked for me and I feel that it saved my life, now
this year my wiles life and my parents* lives. I am able to breathe better
taste things, get sick less often

Peter Zirn

AGE: 60
I smoked for 35 years
Been vaping for 8 years
My favourite e-liquid flavour profile: Like more than one type
Testimonial Date: 22/01/2022

I tried to stop smoking by many methods many times and actually succeeded for a while but kept returning tp smoking… Until I started vaping. I feel better: no more coughing, no more out of breath while climbing stairs, etc. I have not touched a cigarette since 2013 and have NO craving for that rubbish anymore!