Designed to get the desired result

UCSF is at it again. Yes the stomping ground for Prof. S. Glantz. Based on their track record in recent times, and their very clear bias against vaping, we can expect dubious findings.

This time they have added smoking and vaping to its screening and triage protocol for COVID-19 to help assess risks.

Unfortunately it does not differentiate between vapers who were heavy smokers and vapers who never smoked, so they are very likely to report that vapers are at a high risk of a bad outcome from Covid, even though this is more likely to be due to past smoking than to current vaping.

The question in the protocol is:

  1. Do you currently smoke or vape?
    a. (Yes) Which of the following do you regularly do? (select all that apply)
    i. Smoke cigarettes
    ii. Vape nicotine (e-cigarettes)
    iii. Smoke marijuana
    iv. Vape marijuana