False fears preventing smokers from using e-cigarettes to quit

False fears prevent switching

“Over half of smokers believe nicotine vaping products are equally or more harmful than smoking despite US vaping deaths being caused by substances banned in UK.
Public Health England’s (PHE) sixth independent e-cigarette report, commissioned from researchers at King’s College London, is published today (Wednesday 4 March 2020) alongside new PHE advice on vaping in NHS mental health trusts.
The report identifies a need for continued monitoring of public perceptions, as the researchers fear that smokers are being deterred by safety fears from using e-cigarettes to quit, which will ultimately cost lives.
They also found health professionals need better information and training to support people with mental health conditions to use e-cigarettes to quit smoking.
The report recommends that:
proof of age at sale of vaping products needs to be better
enforced to protect young people
health professionals should use advice on using e-cigarettes
during pregnancy
more research is needed into vaping among smokers with
mental health conditions and pregnant smokers
more research is needed into e-cigarette flavour preferences
among young people…”