Smoking vaping and the coronavirus

Smoking, vaping and the COVID-19


“Smoking or vaping increases risks for those with coronavirus: NYC mayor – Reuters

De Blasio told a press conference earlier on Sunday that people who smoke or vape are at higher risk. “If you are a smoker or a vaper that does make you more vulnerable,” de Blasio said, urging New Yorkers to seek help in quitting. “If you are a smoker or a vaper this is a very good time to stop that habit and we will help you.”

However, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has just released a statement on his blog, which he concludes:
“…There is no evidence on any effects of e-cigarettes on coronavirus infectivity and disease progression, and we cannot exclude the possibility that the use of propylene glycol might have some beneficial effects. As a result, reasonable recommendations concerning smoking, e-cigarette use and the coronavirus epidemic include the following:
1. Try to quit smoking.
2. If you cannot quit smoking by yourself or with currently-approved methods, use e-cigarettes to quit.
3. If you are a dual user of e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes, try to completely quit tobacco cigarette use.
4. If you are a former smoker and current e-cigarette user, you may want to quit e-cigarette use but not at the risk of relapsing to smoking. You should continue to use e-cigarettes if there is any chance that quitting may lead to smoking relapse.
5. If you have never smoked, there is no evidence that initiating e-cigarette use will prevent coronavirus infection or reduce disease severity…
…It is sad to see that the coronavirus epidemic is being used (and abused) in the political arena. The statements reported in Reuters are not just coming from people with zero background in public health; they are coming from people who are well-known for their dogmatic, biased political stance against tobacco harm reduction and e-cigarettes. This is another example of irresponsible behaviour from people who provide guidance backed by zero evidence…”

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos