Vaping reaches record levels in Great Britain

In the 'vaping revolution,' an estimated 4.3 million people use e-cigarettes, up from around 800,000 a decade ago.

According to a report, vaping has risen rapidly over the last decade to reach record levels in the United Kingdom, with an estimated 4.3 million regular vapers.

According to the data, 8.3% of adults in England, Wales, and Scotland vape, up from 1.7% a decade ago, or approximately 800,000 people. According to Action on Smoking and Health (Ash), which produced the report, a “vaping revolution” has occurred over the last decade.

Ash’s deputy chief executive, Hazel Cheeseman, called the increase in smokers switching to vaping “great news.”

“They can be lifesaving tools for people who are trying to quit.” At the same time, we can’t expect vaping to completely solve the smoking problem. We must address the recent increase in youth vaping and broaden our efforts to combat smoking, as vaping will not work for everyone. “The time for government action has arrived,” she declared.

Approximately 2.4 million vapers are ex-smokers, 1.5 million are current smokers, and 350,000 have never smoked a cigarette. According to Cheeseman, vaping among the last group was “rare” and “experimental.”

According to the report, e-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular among young people, with 18- to 24-year-olds accounting for 11% of all consumers in 2022. This has increased since 2021, when the lowest vaping rate was 5%. People over the age of 55 now have the lowest rate, at 5.9%.

Cheeseman expressed concern about this, especially since previous research showed that vaping among children aged 11 to 17 increased from 4% in 2020 to 7% in 2022, despite the fact that selling vapes to under-18s is illegal. However, research shows that smoking is decreasing as vaping increases.

The report, which is based on Ash’s annual Smokefree GB survey of more than 13,000 adults from across the United Kingdom and was conducted by YouGov, discovered that 28% of current smokers had never tried an e-cigarette, with 21% saying they did not want to replace one addiction with another. 23 percent thought vaping was too similar to smoking, and 10 percent were “concerned e-cigarettes are not safe enough.”

A third of adults believed vaping was as dangerous as smoking, which the report’s authors said was incorrect.

In 2022, 35% of current vapers would also be smokers. Those who vaped on a daily basis smoked fewer cigarettes than those who smoked less frequently.

One in every five former smokers reported using a vape to help them quit, but more than half (56%) of ex-smokers reported vaping for more than three years.

Vapers said the main reason they used e-cigarettes was to quit smoking and keep from smoking again, while 14% said they used vapes for fun and 11% to save money.

Smoking is becoming less popular in the United Kingdom. Smoking prevalence among adults aged 18 and over in England fell from 20% to 14% between 2011 and 2019, according to data from the annual population survey. According to the Ash report, e-cigarettes were responsible for an additional 69,930 former smokers in England in 2017.


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